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company news about Precautions for Using Ultrasonic Cleaner

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China Skymen Technology Corporation Limited certification
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Company News
Precautions for Using Ultrasonic Cleaner
Latest company news about Precautions for Using Ultrasonic Cleaner

Precautions for Using Ultrasonic Cleaner


Ultrasonic cleaners have usage specifications during use. Following the usage specifications can prolong the service life of the ultrasonic cleaners on the one hand, and avoid safety accidents on the other hand.


A. Precautions for using ultrasonic cleaner

1. The cleaning machine should be placed in a clean, dry and free of strong corrosive gas and environment to use, and avoid violent vibration.

2. There should be enough space for heat dissipation on the back of the generator.

3. Ensure that the machine is well grounded to avoid personal injury accidents.

4. When the washing machine is working, do not immerse your fingers in the washing liquid.

5. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine under no-load status. Before starting the machine, pour the cleaning liquid into the cleaning tank according to the liquid level in the instruction manual.

6. The object to be cleaned shall not be in contact with the bottom of the tank. It is recommended to put the workpiece in the basket for cleaning.

7. The cleaning solution must not be strong acid or alkaline, and flammable solutions cannot be used without reliable safety measures.

8. The temperature of the cleaning fluid will increase with the continuous working time. It is recommended that the continuous working time of the cleaning machine should not exceed 8 hours.

9. If water leakage is found in the cleaning tank, it should be shut down immediately, and the cleaning solution should be emptied and contact the seller.

10. Unauthorized disassembly of the machine is not allowed.

11. After cleaning the cleaning machine with heating device, you must turn off the heater and wait for the cleaning liquid to cool before emptying the cleaning liquid.







B. Normal working steps of ultrasonic cleaner


1. Check whether the power supply is normal, whether the switch is normal, whether the indicator light and indicator are normal, and ensure that the cleaning tank is clean.

2. Put in the cleaning liquid before turning on the working power, observe whether the reading of the current indicator is between 80-100, the temperature of the cleaning liquid is between 40-60 ℃, and there will be tiny bubbles in the sink accompanied by "squeak," "Squeak" sound, which means that normal cleaning has started.

3. Insulating gloves must be worn during ultrasonic cleaning.

4. The cleaning objects cannot be placed directly at the bottom of the tank, so as not to affect the cleaning effect, they should be placed in a special cleaning basket or a zero loading method.

5. Never start the machine when there is no cleaning fluid in the tank to avoid damage to the transducer.

6. When not in use for a long time, the machine should be stored in a dry place.

7. Put the workpiece material tray into the ultrasonic cleaning tank for liquid cleaning.

8. Working hours are set according to the requirements of the workpiece.

9. Prevent the surface of the workpiece from being scratched and lost during the cleaning process, and ensure the integrity of the number of workpieces.

10. After cleaning, the working power must be cut off to prevent accidents.

11. Take out the workpiece tray and do the work of the next process.


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